Thursday, 27 September 2012

Missing the point with to much detail

We seem to be examining in minute detail what is and has gone wrong, which in its self is essential to determine the real extent of the environmental disaster we have on our hands , but this will not really change the fundamental causes we have to over consumption and the consequential damage caused.
The fundamental problem is the lack of a value of all the natural resources we have access to.

Fundamental reform of the valuing of the commons assets , whether land, minerals, fossil fuels, water and air.

Fundamental reform empowering all citizens with fairness and equality in the use of these natural resources, by enabling a fair and equitable tax system based solely on the value of natural resources and the damage caused to the environment by their use.

Reformation of all taxation and welfare and social benefits to a simpler and fair system , employing less resources in their collection and operations.

The new Natural Resource Tax would be a tax on all natural resources , collected as near to source as possible based on the damage caused by their use and collected at a rate to replace all existing duties and taxes.

This would ten concentrate the minds of all citizens from the indervidual to the CEO's of large corporations, in the wise use and employment of all the resources employed in the manufacture, and final purchase by the end consumer, and would not then be distorted by all the artificial subsidies and grants dished out by all governments to promote their own self interest at the expense of the environment  by distorting all the real value of those highly damaging uses of those natural resources.

Land is being impoverished and becoming a baron field due to  over use and misguided long term development by governments, businesses and inderviduals alike.
Fossil fuels being subsidised also  by governments and promoting a low cost policy on all energy.
Mineral extraction ,from sand to gold and coal to urainium, all are extracted . often with little reguard to the imeadiate environmental damage , but also to the long term damage caused to the environment by their use.
Water and Air need to be managed and kept clean for the present but also for future generations and taxed to rise to this status.

The danger we have under the existing systems is the total distortion of the market place , so no-one knows the real environmental damage being caused by the use and employment of all the goods and services we all use in manufacture , but also the final consumer has no direct relation to the real damage being caused.
To me environmental damage must be paid for, so a direct linkage with this to all involved in the entire chain of manufacture through to final consumer needs to be made in a direct clear fair and equitable way.
   This is what'll I would do , but time is running out .

WE have a credit crisis , euro crisis ,a money crisis, and this needs a strong and simpler way forward in enabling governments to reduce costs.
The biggest costs are being ignored by all, and that is the cost of the bureaucrats, tax collectors, accountants, advisor's etc.

A reform on a gargantuan scale has to be embarked upon.

Welfare and social benefits also has to be tackled in the same vein by the empowerment of the indervidual in their own welfare decision making, to take full responsibility for their own long term provision of care and benefits by awarding all citizens with a basic salary which each indervidual has to invest to provide all their needs of health, joblessness, and pension for life.

Banking should enable the exchange of goods between businesses and inderviduals, provide an insurance policy , by being secure and non risk taking for savers and investors.

Growth in the monetary system should be restricted to population growth only and any extra growth has to come from smart new technologies that will provide more for less.

Man has one thing that will get us all out of this mess, and that is the power of thought and reason, we have huge help with technology, so lets get on with it.

David Dunn

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