Wednesday, 3 October 2012

One Nation Labour ?

Great news to hear that labour wants to create a single nation with equality and fairness for all. To enable any chance of this to occur ,there has to be fundamental change in all taxation and welfare, by this I mean, we have to do away with all existing taxes and replace with a single natural resource tax collected as near source as possible.
This new tax would be based on the environmental damage caused by the use of the natural resources and would be levied at a rate to replace all existing taxes.
The effect would be that each individual has more cash to spend and the choice is theirs  to make based on the product price, which would have embedded in it price the real cost of the damage caused by all the resources employed in its manufacture.

All existing welfare and benefits should be replaced with a single wage for all to be invested by the individual for pensions, welfare and benefits that they may need in the future.

Treatment of everyone equally in both taxation and welfare is fundamental , and if this would be implemented a vast amount would be saved on tax collection, fraud and evasion, as well, as the system treats everyone unequal in terms of tax paid

This would relieve the individual and businesses of the heavy burden of tax accountancy and tax payments.
The only tax payment directly to the government would be a land tax for the land on which the property stands. all other taxes would be embedded in the goods and services.

This would enable far more able people to  revitalise all goods and services available, based on the damage it causes the environment.

The total tax take could be substantially reduced also, as no-one would be able to evade payment, although it would be stricter controls at the borders for imports/exports, and cross border financial transfers.

This is all not new as before the EU we had these in place and in fact some still are with regards dealings with the rest of the world.

All the present systems were brought into place over the centuries with the church, Royalty and Governments , but all have the premise to tax the many to feed the few in power. It is only since we have had global trade, that the whole way of making money has been to capitalise on the cheap resources there are in other parts of the world, and since then the working class has been always at the bottom of the pile to enable the natural resources to be exported to the dominant countries.
We have eliminated the slave trade , but not cheap labour, I do not know the real difference , of working as a slave  on cotton plantation or working in sweat shop making tee shirts! Its just what you call the job title , slave or operative!
We in the west have spent a lot of time rethinking of new word to explain away terrible practises , whether it is how to pay little for labour, how to avoid tax and  how to not pay the real price for the damage caused by natural resource use.

To conclude, we need a real revolution in taxation and welfare provision ,that helps the climate, and society  on scale not seen in history , we have all the tools , we have the people , what we lack is one national government to implement it.

We must move away from little cosmetic changes that only confuses and complicates a system which few understand, if anyone; as has been demonstrated recently so often ,with MPs  perks, banking crisis, and western trains franchise, etc..

 What next?  Real change or more confusion.

Yours David Dunn

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