Thursday, 16 August 2012

International law or lawlessness and mass breakdown in society?

Julian Assange and the Ecuadorian embassy has brought to light the laws that have been introduced in haste in the past, and now used for alternative means to an end.

This is just the tip on an iceberg that has been waiting to break off from the real common and international law that we all wish and like to abide with, but this should not be used to break international law and individual countries sovereignty in embassies around the world. The very moral and ethical basis on which the government stands on this issue is a real breakdown in the full and democratic rights of each sovereign state.
If this request to enter the Ecuadorean embassy is successful and against their wishes then Britain will soon be seen as lawless state , indeed a dictatorship over other smaller states. 

The making of new laws which can be used to violate international law should be shown for what it really is, and should be removed from the statute book as soon as possible and only replaced if it is fully compatible with international law. We cannot be in a situation whereby we are asking others to uphold the international laws and at the same time we are breaking them ourselves.

Events like Libya and Syria are opposite cases where we are seen as not being able to act even handed and show how frail the laws are and how this creates mistrust within society as a whole.

We must all wake up and tel the political leaders to behave in a fair and equal way, otherwise we will have breakdown in the streets and the moral and social structures will fail. 

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