Thursday, 2 August 2012

Can the ECB hold Europe together much longer?
 Will Germany, Holland and the rich few have the strength and resources capable of pulling Spain , Italy, Portugal, Ireland out of the mire they are in? Indeed when the debt is so great, Europe as whole has to make a decision to revalue its currency and take the hit equally in the Euro-zone all together otherwise the whole of Europe is in real danger of a repeat of what happened in the 1930's and a real possibility of the rise of radical politics and war on the establishment.

We surly must look at ways of reducing the burden of the State on all citizens and, this can only be done by radical reform and simplification of the tax and welfare systems , making the indervidual more responsible for there own affairs and  reducing the overly complicated tax and welfare systems, which cost not just in expensive collection costs but are open to fraud and evasion.

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