Friday, 22 June 2018

Why Change?

I  believe  that market economy as it stands can not do the job that needed to save the planet from severe climate catasphophy and that the only way within a market driven economy is to change some of the rules.

So I have been proposing for some time now , is to place a real value of all Natural resources  as these essentially are free at present, as nobody pays god for the privilege of using them , it has to be the global governing bodies duty to protect all Natural resource from being overused, abused and cause pollution and climatic changes that may terminate in the living world being threatened within one generation.

Surely, we all have a moral duty to Nature and future generations to do far more than pay lip
service and take real actions on a national and global scale to turn this around.

We do not have to wait till armageddon has arrived before we take action , we could all benefit and enjoy the fruits of the planet if only we took far more care in the way we use all of Natures Bounty.
There is a simple solution which stares us all in the face , place a realistic value on the damage that is done by all the resources we use, from land , fossil fuels, mining , farming ,oceans, fishing water consumption,  air pollution  etc, We should not take anything for granted and we the polluting consumer must pay a realistic price.

To achieve this,

Scrap all existing taxes and replace with a single NATURAL RESOURCE TAX  collected at source and based on the damage caused to the environment at all levels.

This tax replaces all existing taxes and should be collected as near to source as possible , and everyone then down the chain  would have the tax passed on to them pro rata  according to the damage caused by its use and consumption.

It revalues all Natural resources and makes the end user the decider on how much they are prepared to pay for their consuming habits. The more damaging the resources uses are the more they would pay for the goods and services they use and consume.

This empowers the consumer in making the right choices, rather than being misled by subsidies and grants made by governments as enticements , which only distort the whole equation.

This revolutionary change in taxation would place Nature and the use of ALL Natural Resources at center stage all the time and also empower the individual whether as a consumer a worker a director, designer, transporter, retailer, to decide what is best for the ECOSYSTEMS of the planet.

Whether you are green red or blue , all should follow the same rulebook over the planets wellbeing.

Carbon taxes and other incentives are not a solution by themselves , they must be a part of a far wider holistic approach involving all aspects of all resources and that is why we must press for a replacement Natural Resource Tax.

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