Wednesday, 16 May 2018

What is Natures Capital?

Are we sure about what we all mean about Natures capital, Is it the hard bits , the land ,soil, water oceans, air ? or is it the nature of the plants , animals,  and even softer the landscape the noises and sights?

I ask this as its very fundamental in the arguments as described and how we want to tackle them .
For me we already place a value on the hard Natural resources , and it seems to me that what we have not done is place any value on these according to the damage they do to the rest of nature, the ecosystems, plants , animals, and mankind through their use and consumption.

Nature Capital for me is the soft bit, and I fully understand that some want to place a value on these but it is very difficult dependant on the standpoint you are from .

From and ecological standpoint any disruption to any part of the ecosystem is terrible and should be prevented at all costs, but as a farmer I have to make a living and I will destroy habitats to make fields and ensure my crops make a return on investments and as a Investor in land I am interested in maximising my returns at any cost  and will build over any land to do so.

The dilemma is to be greedy and make money and destroy the planet's ecosystems?

Yes we have choices about at what level we will destroy, by living in harmony with nature is very difficult to achieve and whos harmony are we talking about anyway?

I have come to a personal decision where we should place value of all Natural resources for the actual and potential damage we can do when they are exploited at any level.

Take land , for example . It has many uses. Farming damages the land at all levels but to differing levels, organic not so bad perhaps compared to conventional farming that uses many chemicals, but they both destroy nature to some level or other, often dependant on the viewpoint you are coming from?
The other extreme is fossil fuel extraction like coal mining and even oil drilling and fracking, these are all recognised as bad for the global environment but just how bad are they, They are used by everyone without exception in some form , so whats the problem ? It's not just the energy we get from them but the waste products, and not just these its also the sheer volume that is being used and the huge consequential amount of waste incurred, that causes so much problems to the environment at all levels.

So getting back to Natures capital, it does have a value but its determined by Who?
I think we should all make a decision on how to protect Nature and all its beauty.

Climate Change is the single biggest threat to all of the soft Natures capital, and unless this is tackled with speedy correct decisions , we all could be doomed including much of nature as we know it.

I believe we have only one choice left, as all the others are failing in so many ways and are open to abuse and have no real morals or ethical ground to stand on, so we need a way in which we all collectively make the right choices by the lifestyles we lead.

SCRAP all existing Taxes and replace with a single Natural Resource Tax  collected at source and based on the eco damage done to all ecosystems by their use and consumption.
This would help prevent most tax evasion,fraud and avoidance which most governments and rich have failed to address and would help provide a fair equitable and morally acceptable sustainable future. This in effect means the consumer is the polluter and they would be paying directly for that behaviour which today is becoming totally unacceptable.
It would directly put pressure on designers, manufacturers distributors, retailers recyclers to get their act together quickly through the use of new technologies  and methodology to create products far less polluting, long lasting and  recyclable.

Along side this may be also the introduction of UBI and reforms of the health, welfare, and benefits systems to make everyone more responsible and accountable for their own lifestyles.

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