Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Governance and the future

 A challenge to think differently!

Nations globally sit on two sides of the same fence , the Northern prosperous part and the southern  poorer part , but both have the same potential  to prosper and employ the resources that the planet has to offer?

This may be naive to believe that we are on this planet on an equal basis? But surely we are, are we not ? 

The inequality comes from the exploitation of others and their resources they have to offer, and if the exchange is not fair and equitable, then it is this that really divides the world from being at one with itself? 

 If we are to to have any real effect on changing the equality and fairness of the world , it then becomes the  responsibility of governments globally to have governance at all levels that treat all peoples and resources equally and with respect no matter where in the world they reside.

This fundamental value of governance has to be applied equally and without favour  to all nations.

Governance  means that all resources across the world are treated by all national and sovereign governments in a consistent and fair way that is transparent without favours, bribes and blackmail. 

The governance of any country must also be based on the representation of its peoples in a fair way also, This means empowering the citizens to make the decisions that affect them,so they then can influence and make joint and participatory actions that will enable all to prosper together.

To this end , Taxation lies at the heart of of how all citizens feel and behave, it sets their targets, aims and goals for their future, It also does the same for businesses .To enable a fair and equitable society to prosper in the future we have to reinvent the way taxation is not only collected but also how it changes the way we all behave .

I now believe we have to revolutionise the whole taxation system  to enable a mindset change in all our behaviour, to change towards one of sustainability, fairness to all mankind but also to the planet itself and all its ecosystems.

This new tax system could take the form of taxing all natural resources at as close to source as possible and  not to have any other tax stream except a death tax to help redistribute wealth throughout society and ensure everyone has a fair and equal chance to make best use of the available resources on the planet.

I challenge you to think that climate change is not about technical fixes, but about taxation and economics, Its the way we spend , consume , and its about what influence we have on design , manufacture and sales. Just imagine you have no direct taxes to pay! you choose what to spend it on! not the government? You choose whether to spend on high cost to the environment goods, or more friendly less toxic and damaging to the planet's ecosystems! 

We have no choice , we have to change , but to what? 

One fix is not the answer, we need everyone to participate , not by violent unrest but by being themselves and taking everyday decisions on living that will change society for the better and forever.

David Dunn

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