Thursday, 29 January 2015

Greece's Future Policy- A recipe for Greece, Europe and the World

Response to;

Dear George Papandreou

I agree with your comments on a new deal for the Greeks  which is very similar to the new finance ministers aims  on a new approach to  the debt, and europe as whole has to take more responsibility on lending.

I also note that you agree there must be a complete reformation on taxation , and it this that I firmly believe is where that most effective long term change could take place. 

Taxation at present is everything we don't want and it cant provide all the necessary tools to raise revenue in a way that promotes social cohesiveness and also at he same time respects and enhances the present and future climate crisis we have .

A revolutionary approach has to be taken , rather than taxing individual directly which at present leads to fraud evasion and avoidance at all levels , we need to change these ground rules so we pay our taxes to reflect directly the damage we do to the planet. This could be achieved by the introduction of a Natural Resource Tax collected at as near to source as possible  and based on the actual and potential damage their use can do onto the planet and all its ecosystems. 

This, then removes the ability of anyone or any individual corporation being able to find ways around to avoid the tax, It is like and extended VAT tax we have at present but  only on all the base natural resources rather than on the finished goods. It would levied and with no exceptions of relief  for any sector, as this is aimed at changing the whole mindset in which the current systems work. It will change the very base of all what we do from inception , design, manufacture, distribution, sale and consumption. It will empower the consumer, as the dirtier the product is, in terms of environmental damage, the higher the price will be. The polluter pays without exception.

This linked with a reformation of the health and welfare system , whereby all citizens receive a Citizens Wage  and through this would then pay for their health and welfare from this, and their would be no other benefits of pensions , unemployment and the like, only for the disabled and real down and out case would their be additional support. All citizens then would be responsible for their own health and welfare and would demand by proxy better preventative health and also would ensure a food revolution to prevent obesity and disease.

It is through empowering the individual whether it is just for himself or for his work and job , the aim to use less and create more with automatically less impact on the environment, would I believe be the new mantra.

Finally a death tax has to be introduced , to prevent vast fortunes in wealth and capital being locked up and maintaining and expanding the rich poor divide. existing wealth is a game of philanthropy  which just maintains the status quo and is just a game of bribery of who can buy off ones guilt. The rich are rich because they are good at extracting  from the consumer  and not paying a realistic price for the damage they have done to the planets resources and also human resources, IF you are rich, pay the taxes, which then can be used to undo and prevent some of the damage caused.

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