Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How to address Climate Change through economic and Tax means

Have we solved the climate change problem yet?
Are reductions happening?
Are we on target to stop global warming?
Have we stopped destruction of natural habitations and eco-systems?
Have we reduced natural resource waste?
Have we a handle on Population growth?

I believe you  have collectively the power to inform and make the changes needed to ensure we have a planet worth living on for our children  and make a real sustainable future for all mankind.

To this end since my retirement I have been trawling through lots of papers about climate change and not just climate change , but also the destruction of the planet's finite resources to include water land and air.

To this end, and coming from a successful glasshouse farming business which I owned until 1980  which I then sold as a very successful business to a large fruit importer, employing a lot of the techniques found in the climate and ecosystem debates,we are so heavily engaged in at present.
I have dedicated myself to finding a solution to this most urgent problem, and discovered that everyone is very busy with research on technical fixes and coming up with lots of ideas. However there appears to be a huge cavern of non action, that is in the role of how money, and its use within the economy, affects directly the decisions we all make as Researchers, academics, producers, manufacturers, distributors marketers and finally all of us together as consumers to what we use and the direct effects there use has on the planet .

Acting totally independently with no axe to grind and no allegiance to anyone, I have slowly arrived at a relatively simple conclusion,

1 To empower everyone and all individuals  to make the decisions affecting the planet themselves, directly through their consumption habits.

2 To Remove all existing taxes from all businesses, property and individuals as they exist at present, as they are distorted unfair corrupt and fail the planet, in fact they often enhance the direct destruction as we see with fossil fuel subsidies, coal subsidies,  with tax breaks etc.etc.

3 Introduce one single new tax based on the damage caused to all natural resources by their use and exploitation, and collect as near to the source as possible , like at the wellhead, mine head, at the frontier borders, but with the single aim to collect ALL needed revenue from this source

4 This will not be tax revenue neutral as some have asked for and also not just on carbon but all pollution and damage to the planets environmental  and eco-systems.

5  The NATURAL RESOURCE TAX will tax ALL natural resources where it is practical to do so, at as close to source as possible, the tax would be calculated by how damaging it is to the planet and  dependant on the scientific communities calculations behind how damaging the resources are to the planet, The amount collected be determined by politicians on the amount needed to provide all the services required from infrastructure, health, education security etc. It is this all inclusiveness that is so important , so each individual will then purchase their goods and services based on the real damage the resources used have on the planet. for example oil will be taxed according to its carbon emissions but also its dirty particulates, its carbon monoxide and of course the damage to the land directly where it is extracted, Another example is land use, land would be taxed according to have far from a natural state it has been removed , so in farming organic farming would attract less tax than conventional wil pesticides and monocropping, housing would pay for the total loss of soil organisms and loss of plants as does any concreted area, so enhancing the building of up wards , but then you have a shading problem like we have on solar farms , preventing plants growing and sequestering carbon and reduction of wildlife. and so on.

6The introduction of a death tax , although not purely environmental , to redistribute wealth so the poor can be better educated, to have the same opportunity of being empowered under the new regime of taxation of equality, fairness and transparency.

7 The introduction of a citizens wage, which would be paid to all citizens for life , to pay for their health, welfare and pensions from , and to empower the individual to look after themselves rather than the state providing free abused services that cost , due to people negligence and willful self harm , there would however be some extra for the real disabled  which is out of individual's control.

 ThIs Will along with a free market economy, will realign the whole distorted way that  resources are employed, and the real methodology will begin to emerge with the one aim of protecting and producing a long term sustainable civilization we all will be proud to be a part of and knowing that future generations will be able to live without the threat of extinction.

The benefits of such a system are many , but the main ones are;

1 Quick response to climate change and ecosystem collapse

2 Reduction in the overall taxation levels due to reduced tax evasion, fraud and avoidance

3 A more fair and equitable system of taxation   and should be morally and ethically acceptable as it must be more transparent.

None of this changes the banks, corporates, multinationals and governments attitude to capitalism  and how that affects the planet. This a subject I have little knowledge of, but to say in my opinion it is corrupt up to the eyeballs and will find its final resting place once we start some real reforms as has been outlined above. I do believe however that we all need a target, a dream, and a future.

I now call on all the scientific community to wake from their narrow blinkered studies and just ask themselves.

 How can we collectively change quickly and move all in the right direction?

Money when spent = energy release + climate change  + destruction of all ecosystems + some minor outcomes.

Also I believe our wages  are the same shape and size as our Carbon Footprint.
The bigger the Worse!

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