Wednesday, 26 November 2014

RE- Geo- engineering the planet

Response to geo-engineering in the Guardian 26/11/2014 environment section

All geo-engineering as stated above all cost a lot and are slow to implement, and may not work anyhow , certainly not in the short term.
It appears to me that we , mankind , has caused the problem by over use of all of the earths and Gods own Natural Resources , It is surely not an impossible task to ensure that mankind reverses this huge abuse of the planets resources.
All these resources have been given to mankind as our "commons" that are free for all of mankind to use as they see fit , It is this anaylisis that has to be questioned and perhaps we have to rethink the whole way we all behave in natural resource use, and thereby reduce greenhouse gasses and all other pollution and eco- destruction we are so guilty of committing to the planet and all its inhabitants.
Surely we have to look to ourselves and our greedy lifestyle and fundamentally pay for the damage we do by reforming the tax system to ensure that all taxes are coupled to the pollution and damage we all do through our consumerism and pure greed for an ever better lifestyle and profligate waste we generate.
If we are to change fast , it is of the utmost importance to reform the whole economic and fiscal means of using money for the sole purpose of destroying the planet's life, including mankind.
Just, if we could change this area of spend and waste quickly then , it would not just turn around the climate crisis quickly , but also it would solve it for the future generations to come .
I believe we have to fundamentally link all natural resources with the long term survivability of the living planet , by taxing all natural resources , based on the damage and potential damage they cause to the planet, Indeed this tax should replace all existing taxes , so as to concentrate the mind on the issue involved , and would promote new ideas, methods of working , new ways to provide energy. the list is endless, as nearly all the industrial revolutions benefits have to be renewed to meet this challenge laid down to us by the planet itself.
The planet will always survive , but life upon it is up to us .....
All Global finance and personal wealth is spent on energy in some form, resulting in global warming and destruction of all ecosystems.

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