Thursday, 30 October 2014

Response To Naomi Klein at Chicago Council

Can we get to the nitty gritty and ask how on earth are we going to change the systems fast enough. WE surly need a system that empowers the individual to do the right thing towards the planet, by just behaving in a normal way, in the way they consume and live their lives.

The change we want to move to has to be thought through and modeled and stress tested to see if it has any chance of succeeding , WE have in the UK a new supercomputer to tell us of all the effects of the pending climate change , but we fail to model the economic and fiscal aspects of what is happening and what may happen when we change anything. we spend millions on the clearing up after the disaster and fail to spend a little on preventative means to mitigate such scenarios.

To the point , we need a simple solution that involves everyone, to include businesses, public services, and all citizens   equally, fairly and equitably whilst in a transparent manner to ensure it succeeds.

A transition to where there is no tax evasion fraud and evasion  from national or international taxes and avoidance of moral and ethical regulations.

I believe this is all possible by removing all existing taxes and introducing a new NATURAL RESOURCE TAX, whereby all natural resources are taxed according to the damage they do to all the planets ecosystems by their extraction and use, to include Land and all Minerals.

All citizens would receive a citizens wage for life which would replace all current pension health and welfare payments and benefits.

Finally a death Tax to redistribute wealth from rich families, individuals and businesses to the poorer within society as a whole and reduce the overall tax burden.

The consequences cannot be foreseen , but my belief, is that by empowering the individual   to make the right choices in their consumption habits, rather than letting big corporations and governments making the choices on our behalf, this will lead to the right consumption habits being observed , especially when under the new regime the dirtier the resource or use of resource, the higher will be the price of the subsequent goods and services.

The connection between money that you spend, and the pollution you cause, will I believe be the quickest way to mobilise the world into a new lifestyle change that I think we all agree needs to occur.


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