Friday, 24 October 2014

Birds being desimated

Bird and all wildlife is being decimated by all aspects of modern farming , but primarily by the fact that it is so monoculture in both the crop type but also by the eradication of all pests, diseases and weed herbage which act as food and cover for the rest of the wild fauna.

Farmers should be taxed according to the damage they do to the ecosystems under their stewardship.
Loss of habitat at all levels in the countryside has occurred for years , but as the planet comes under increasing threat from global warming and climate change , we now need all the interactions that nature can provide to clean and capture all the worlds pollutants man has released into the environment at large.

This loss is not just damaging bird numbers but also will have a grave impact on farming and mans own survival in the long term.

We must act fast, not just on Carbon Emissions but also on how all Natural Resources can be made sustainable for all life to live and prosper, from insects to man , from fungi to trees, all life, and not to pick and choose.

A whole new approach to protection of life has to be addressed, it not just man's own civilization at risk . but the whole rich diversity of all life that has to protected, enhanced and made sustainable for the long term.

Water resources are being attacked also from many areas, the filtrations and cleansing of rain is being jeopardised due to tree loss and fast run-off , rather than filtering through the solid and capturing carbon as it does so. It is also being contaminated by drugs entering vis sewage and from pesticides from drainage from farmland, and also air pollution dropping out of the air onto land and into water supplies.

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