Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Dream

I have a dream that one day we have a fair tax system that treats everyone equally and respects and conserves all natural resources.

I have a dream everyone is entitled to a citizens wage for life.

I have a dream that everyone is equal and respect each other.

I have a dream that all land is used with respect, sustainably, and with all the eco, micro, and biological aspects are maintained and enhanced.

I have a dream that nature is given as much as man takes from the planet.

I have a dream , that everyone equally pays for the damage they do to the planet through all they use and consume.

I have a dream that wealth is redistributed and not inherited.

I have a dream the extreme disadvantaged would be  looked after to help themselves.

I have dream that man is capable of making this happen.

I have a Dream this can happen.

I have a dream this must happen.

I have a dream................................

My dream in reality is to replace all taxes with a single Natural Resource Tax, based on the damage caused to the planets bio-systems by the use of all natural resources. This collected as near to source as possible to avoid fraud evasion and avoidance of paying the taxes. This tax together with a redistribution death tax and a citizens wage would transform the whole of society , empowering all individuals to make the right decisions based on their power to consume the goods and services that their wages can buy also it empowers them to be healthy as they would also have to pay for welfare and benefits from the citizen wage

My dream is that all citizens of the world adopt such a system and this would then transform the way we all think and behave towards natural resource use and our understanding of nature within life's cycle.

I dream ...

David Dunn

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