Saturday, 23 August 2014

Climate Change, Reality.....

The cure to climate change.

Naomi Klein suggests a "collective solution"

David Suzuki  says " use nature as the model for the future"

David Dunn says " empower the citizens to make the right choices on an equal basis"

These I feel are all saying the same things,  we need to have a society which thinks the same way, Collective thinking,  we need to have all Natural processes at the heart of any paradigm shift, and we need to have citizens all taking equal responsibility for the planet.

These can all be done now and with new thinking in the way we tax, and benifit our citizens, a shift can take place in the direction we all are striving for without the pain of 'sanctions' and 'doing without'.

 Setting new goals and targets should be derived from the individual , but within a new framework of transformed rules and regulations.

We all respond directly within the rules and laws we have within society, we have laws about almost all things and these directly affect the way we behave , and it is this basic structure  that has to be addressed to provide a more equal, ethical and morally acceptable society for the future.

The biggest danger we have are the repeat of the past, that is one of division between rich and poor , the have's and have not's.
We had the aristocracy who placated the poor by employing them on their vast estates, but the rich of today fail to do this in a direct way, although they say they do it by creating wealth and employment, but in today's fast paced economy, it fails to meet expectations of  stable families and society as a whole.

The poor will rise and fall dependant on the rich in our society, but when their is enough of them we have a crisis like we see in the Arab Spring, and the new ISIS state  and Gaza. It is the need to feel secure, have a long term home, have the ability to be warm, fed and not alone and above have a right to natural resources , so they can see a future for their children.

If we fail to empower individuals with the right to all Natural Resources  with equal opportunity, we will continue to fail with the consequence on civilization meltdown.

The consequence of empowering all individuals within a capitalist system are many, some are impoverishing the rich reducing their power of inheritance and power, whilst the poor have the opportunity to blossom with new ambitions and goals. No change is without consequences.

Its how to do it with consensus of the vast majority that's important.

I firmly believe we have to bite the bullet sometime soon , not jut the UK but Globally, so any real change has to come from the big world players of the US, China, India, Asia and Russia  and probably all the large nations of the world.
The United Nations is of critical importance as to is the IMF, world trade bodies and regional trade and economic zones around the globe to make the necessary fundamental changes.
This is not just about The West or East, we are all on this planet together so it is the leaders of the world that have to make this happen with the consent of all their citizens, not just the powerful minority.

WE have to put the planet first in all that we do, from design to manufacture to consumption, from cradle to grave, from school to education for life, from the soil to houses and food. The planet has to be first at all times, and this calls for a real shift from where we are now to where we want to be.

Is it so bad for the Gazians to want peace and a permanent home? is it bad for Moslem's to want a permanent home? is it so bad for the Arabs to want a lasting peace?

It will not be until we have an example of peaceful co-existence which does not rely on large rich mansions, flash cars, casino's, multi million pound estates, etc. etc., will there be any real consensus of how to move forward.

Inheritance is at the core of wealth and it is this area of obscene wealth that should be addressed, so  inter-generational wealth has to be tackled in a way not to reduce entrepreneurs and capitalists , but to ensure there is a redistribution of unearned wealth back to the populous for reinvestment. This death tax would help enshrine a sense of equality and fairness back into society.
This tax along side a whole replacement new taxation system based on Natural Resources where tax is based on the damage caused to the environment and planet, by the use of these resources.

This achieves most the main aims required by the planet , given that we have so many humans on it,  As Dr Iain Stewart  said , "The planet does not need looking after, it will survive,  it is us who needs the planet, so we can survive".

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