Monday, 19 May 2014

Time waits for no man, Has the Longitude prize got it right?

As the Antarctic melts into the oceans, rising it level by a few millimetres a year, and the CO2 levels rising relentlessly we have no time to waste in finding a solution to the problem that the planet faces.

It is with inspiration that NESTA has launches a new Longitude prize to find solutions to some of the effects of Climate Change.

It is with great regret that the vision has not gone further to find a solution to the underlying causes of climate change , rather than ignoring them and concentrating on the effects caused by global warming and climate change.

We all know that the underlying causes are many and include population , overuse and misuse of resources and many other issues,  but we seem bent on concentrating on finding technological fixes for the effects of climate change, when we should be concentrating our efforts on how to prevent it from occurring in the first place.
To this end I have been advocating the search for this solution , which I believe is within the politicians grasp and not of those of individuals or businesses. I mean by this we have to tackle the real reason why mankind is so demanding of the planets resources and if we cannot stop it , how can we reduce it and make a sustainable lifestyle that we can all mankind can enjoy.

My Dream is this

Tax everyone equally without exception based on the damage their purchases do to the planet. If this tax system was used globally and replaced all existing taxes, then the most polluting goods and services would be out priced from the market and the real demand for R&D to make long term resources sustainable, and planet friendly would then drive the new technologies and  systems.

Its all about setting a new baseline on how we all live and do business, instead of greed and profit driven, it should be how we can all live together  with a new way of thinking and understanding.

We are about to starve ourselves,cook ourselves, drown ourselves, what else do we need as proof that the present system of doing things is failing?

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