Thursday, 17 April 2014

Has Syria shown the world how we all don't care?

Syria is at a point where the world has to take concerted quick action to save its citizens from being murdered by fear and starvation.

How can any sane human , stand and watch what is going on without feelings, and do nothing , especially when it is possible to take action to prevent women and children and indeed all civilians  from being brutally killed.

The UN and all governments from the Security Council have blood on their hands from the lack of action to prevent possible genocide Syria. Members have the responsibility to prevent such atrocities, and they seem helpless at this time of need.

Action to prevent further disruption is crucial, the people have lost everything, from family members to a roof over their head, fear from torture, starvation and life itself, How much more can be lost, before action is taken.

One life lost is one to many , does it have to be millions dead before action is taken , what agenda are these so called decision makers think they are on?  We have lost thousands already.

Our leaders are not up to the task , or is it the advisor's who are so ready to protect their own backs that is at fault, whatever the cause, there is no action until it to late and millions who might die as a result.

 Are we only to pretend we are love they neighbour?  No, then it is up to us all especially our leaders to lead by example and we then can follow with our help to secure a safe future for all.

Do it  not just talk!

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