Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Zero Energy Cost .. The Future and consequences.

Zero Energy Cost .. The Future and consequences.

It is great to see that the renewable energy industry is concerned about zero energy cost , but this is a complete enigma.

Everything always costs , whether it is manual labour, or use of other resources, and damage to environment and ecosystems, there is always a cost involved
The biggest cost, is the cost to the planet and its environment and ecosystems which are often taken for granted and abused with pollution and destruction , without a second thought to the subsequent long term problems that may arise.

This was not a problem when there were relative few people on the planet employing relative natural ways of living , but since the 1900's man has become industrialized and using and converting many natural substance into more complex and  highly damaging substances that really do much damage to the planet and to its ecosystems.

We are on earth now reaching a point where we are too clever for us to understand the consequences of our actions , as with nuclear technologies we are prepared to wear gloves and be highly protective of it distribution and use , just in case the technology bites us back , as we see in Iran and Cuba , but even when highly careful about its use we have problems like Long Island  and Fukushima.

The use of all natural resource should be treated with the utmost care , from land use  for building and farming, to   mineral and fossil fuel extraction , and water and air use.

We see today that pollutants are being linked with childhood asthma and dementia, and this is just the beginning of new research that is emerging  by the use of modern methodology and techniques.

It is about time we looked at how the economy really works and how it is controlled to avoid the worst damage to the planet.

The scientific community are at the forefront of technology and it is they who have the tools to quantify the potential damage that may occur from such use of new materials and use of resources.

We must think anew, and reform our base assumptions and start again with a fresh approach to taxation, welfare, equality and fairness.

It is not good enough any more just to think about man and his own wants , we need to consider the broader environment and other ecosystems that are reliant on the planet. fundamental tax reform is required as laid out in previous blogs.

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