Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Shareholders and Stakeholders to take Responsibility

Shareholders and Stakeholders to take Responsibility of the moral and ethical values of their businesses.

 Shareholders and Stakeholders, if they are to reap any rewards for their investments should ensure that the directors and management of the businesses are able to show and demonstrate that there is fair and equitable relations between themselves and the employees of the business.

This should not be just by audits conducted from outside which basically tick boxes whilst sitting in the CEOs office, but should be proactive in discussing and interviewing employees to find out what is really happening between the various layers of skills and management.

Whistle-blowing should be encouraged and meetings arranged to ensure that full participation of all workers can take effect, to discuss openly the subjects of sexual harassment, race and other personal victimization which affect the happiness and future prospects of all employees within the business.

Within British society, the class system rules and divides society at all levels and is probably the main cause of most of the above sexual and racial problems, and also certainly divides various levels of skill ,not just by their education but also by their manor-isms and speech etiquette.
The lack of respect for individuals caused by the very lack of understanding of individuals feelings and ambitions  are destroyed in seconds and can cause resentment and bitterness for ever.

Within British society we have a laugh it off policy , where any mistreatment or wrong doing can be put right by making it into a joke and laughing at the situation, which can work most of the time, but can be grossly abhorrent to others and cause real distress to the receiver.

This misunderstanding of communications is great, and many people hide it within themselves which can cause anger and frustration later. This resentment and bitterness can cause huge harm with relations with friends and family and put huge strains on these relationships especially if they are not brought to the surface and discussed openly and honestly to find a solution that lasts.

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