Monday, 14 May 2012

Capitalism, has it a future?

Capitalism , has it a future?

Capitalism in its present form whereby ,the monetary system is devoid of the real world of individuals and small businesses is set to to failure , and far more radical change will occur that will will certainly be far more unfriendly to all in society in the future.

As we are seeing this week in Greece , where the parties cannot agree a system of governance  partly due to the pressure of time and lack of knowledge on the part of the general public , as a result of the electoral system that is in place there. In the Netherlands there has been as a broad coming together of  most parties to solve the problem and I think most of the population applaud this landmark decision for them , but they do have a form of  consensual government in the institutions and in the electoral system itself , and this brings together the countries peoples in time of crisis in a consensual way which has not been much discussed in European politics and media.

If Greece had a better informed population , about the real issues involved and were given a better understanding of the real situation that he rest of Europe is demanding of them , then ,I am sure that a different outcome would occur.

As Will Hutton ,  on BBC Radio4 suggests that we are at the brink of radical change and we all need to ave a far more ethical and caring society, but to achieve this , surely we need to look at reforms that put the individual at the forefront of decision making , and constantly ask the question, is this equally fair for all?

Capitalism is a necessary evil that we need to ensure we have a dynamic and prosperous future , where research and development, entrepreneurship, and the conversion of these ideas and developments into real physical  goods, services and concepts, which all in society wish to have and desire. The problem comes when you have unbridled purchase power by all , even when they have not the resources to pay for it.

So with the present deregulated financial systems we have, the ongoing printing of money and the encouragement of  money going forever towards the center of power and not  being redistributed back down into society as a whole, and as we speak the Chinese are doing exactly this, which will further undo the fundamental value we have on money.

We need to fundamentally rethink the way money is used, taxed , and distributed within society, This fundamental rethink is urgently required and must ensure that money and its value must remain stable and be of service to society as a whole and not just to certain sectors , in so doing trust and respect will be regained  and with a fair and stable system of governance in place, will ensure the long term prosperity of mankind.

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