Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ken and Boris avoid taxes!

Ken and Boris

No surprise to hear that these two are fighting it out now, and as usual it takes the public to make the situation ripe for the truth to come out.

We know that MP's are are paid for questions and lobbyists are now also feeling the heat with their industry, and the way MP's are using all the rules in the book to try to evade tax payments , although it may be within the law ,it is showing how corrupt and secret the whole taxation and benefit systems are.

Every indervidual, business, charity, trust and government institutions themselves are all trying to find legitimate ways of not paying tax and avoiding paying the due intended, leading to a morally corrupt and ethically unsound systems of public finances which few understand.

This is why we must look at reforming the tax and welfare systems, to simplify and make less costly to administer, more transparent and equitable than we we have at present.

Noting less than a total reformation of these systems will do, as we have repeatedly been shown by only further complicated rules and regulations piled on top of already existing complex systems.

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