Thursday, 2 August 2018

Land tax response to larry Elliott, the Guardian

Land tax should be part of a far wider ranging tax reform , where all Natural Resources are taxed according to the degradation of them from the natural state, so this would not just affect the housing market but should affect all aspects of how we treat land and all resources as a valuable resource to be used by current and future generations.

Land tax by area is critical,  and the worse the eco effects of any development on land away from the original natural state should I believe be taxed according to that divergence.
For example land used for housing would attract a high tax as the land beneath the house is in effect sterile and useless for nature and would be awarded a very high tax rate as would roads and paved areas,  there would NOT be any offsetting for green initiatives directly as with my proposal all Natural resources should be taxed in a similar way and thus all use and consumption of resources would be far more expensive and the worse they are environmentally the the higher the tax would be , so by default everyone will want the most eco friendly way of living.

There has to be a What I call a Natural Resource Tax, NRT, that taxes all land water and air according to how it is used and abused and its effects on all ecosystems

These NRT taxes would I suggest replace all existing taxes and therefore would also stop much tax fraud, evasion , and avoidance as it should be collected as close to source as possible  and based on the eco damage cause by their use and consumption.

Its our place on the planet that is at risk not  that the planet will die , it will live on in a much poorer state.

Land Tax is a part soulution a much wider change that has to occur and if this is a small step then we must do it , but do not fool ourselves it is our money in our pockets and its spending on all consumption that is the problem and this must be addressed as a whole not just to placate a few.

Climate Change is real and as we see this year catastrophic changes are beginning to impinge on everyday  living for everyone globally.

Far more imaginative thinking and actions have to take place if we are to live in a harmonious society we all share in.

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