Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Carbon Capture only delays the release of it into the atmosphere !

Carbon Capture only delays the release of it into the atmosphere !

Carbon capture will only delay the inevitable  of final release into the atmosphere by natural leakage or by accident.

Carbon capture gives us the chance to continue with the present pollution of the air we all breath , and  unless we capture all the pollutants from the stacks, we still will have other ill health pollutants that are released into the atmosphere.

Carbon Capture just leads us all into a false sense of security that we have and are doing the right thing, but in reality we are encouraging an even worse scenario , whereby we are still using fossil fuels and not doing anything serious about the long term problem nationally or globally.

By our actions we are also encouraging the Chinese, India  and others to continue with coal believing if its OK for the UK it must be OK for the rest of us. It also allows us to believe we have achieved a long lasting solution , and is distracting us all to do far more radical change , whilst we can afford it.

Mankind is fooling ourselves into doing something which is irreversible, that is continue burning and wasting energy on a huge scale, when in reality we should be concentrating on energy conservation at all levels. The more money in the economy the more energy is spent and the relationship is fixed, Money is the storage of energy and when spent energy is released in direct proportion to its amount.

To take control over energy use we must control our fiscal expenditure also. and it is in this area that most political will must be encouraged to change the systems of taxation especially that will yield the most favourable results.


WE all still crave for goods and services we are told we need through fancy packaging and advertising, which often do not meet our real expectation when unwrapped, we still reinvent the same things over and over again with little change in the goods themselves , certainly not in terms of longevity as most are unable to be repaired and most are not serviced once a new model is brought out.
What has to be done far more effectively is analysis that determines the what is best in the long term for the planet and not just the short term gain for mankind.

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