Friday, 30 October 2015

Economist's Reality Check

 I suggest this as a reality check to all economists, as most seem not to be able to see the wood from the trees.

I mean by this that most economists are so wrapped up with traditional economic theories, and seem to have forgotten some of the real economic ideals we have seen from the past in the likes of Ruskin and others. This together with lack of reference to what indigenous peoples around the world valued most, NATURE.

Present day economics seems to have left out its roots of the study of natural resources and how to maximise the greatest use from them with as little damage in return.

I mention these things as we approach COP 21 in Paris this December and all the hype so far ignores the real world and seem to be setting their eyes again on theoretical ideas that are rooted in the stock exchange crashes and black Mondays.

As a retired Glasshouse farmer growing real crops with all the expertise of a scientist with computers and models for the absolute control to maximise the yield and financial returns, has given me an insight to the highly complex organism the earth is, with all the inactions with the natural forces of the planet and ecosystems upon it.

To this end I have watching interdependently, just how could mankind reverse such a state that we have got ourselves into.

I now believe their is only one real way forward , that resolves many of the global , national and local problems we have caused ourselves on the planet.

That is Fundamental reform of the taxation system, from one of taxing people and things of added value and businesses that manage to escape paying their dues, to a tax that pays respect and reduces resource use from the planet.

A taxation system that Only taxes ALL Natural Resources, a NATURAL RESOURCE TAX,(NRT).
This tax would replace all existing taxes with perhaps the exception of a death tax to prevent roll-over of vast fortunes.The NRT would be collected at as near to source as possible and based on the damage those resources cause the planets life forms from their exploitation and use.

That is it!   sounds simple enough , but it seems to have evaded nearly all economists, scientists and politicians.

I think the main reason is the change in mindset is to big to imagine such a solution and implementation to complex, however I think the opposite, Rather than having highly complex taxation instruments that seem to cause evasion and avoidance of taxes, by taxing close to abstraction, or first use, the tax would be inescapable by everyone, and would also be much more tax efficient in that many tax accountants would be redundant  and everyone would be treated exactly the same.

If however there is a need for variances, then this should be as grants or subsides rather than tinkering with the base system of the tax.

To date we have not imagined a way out, theier is no other sysstem I have read about that will achve so much. I does almost achieve all the goals set by the UN , IPPC, and others, but it seems we have the knowledge but when it comes to the real solution everyone is frightened to consider it as it will AFFECT them directly. Self interest is above everything else.

I have a couple of motto's I would like to share

Money = Energy = carbon and environmental footprint.

Your salary or wage = your energy footprint

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