Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Response to You and Yours, Welfare Cuts?

Welfare Cuts ?

Having just been listening to the program  I was surprised to hear that in effect you want to see a simplified and more fair tax and benefit system  and that all the recent tinkering with them only causes more and more unfair situations both for the recipients and also the taxpayers.

To this end I have been actively trying to suggest a complete reformation of the tax and welfare system , But surprisingly I have arrived at it from a completely different angle , that of how do we effectively sort the climate change  and environmental problems we have at present .

The proposed solutions are idealistic , but I feel that it is now time to really think the unthinkable and have a fundamental reform of the whole tax and welfare systems based on empowering the individuals to make the right choices for themselves, rather than being in effect being forced to do what the government says by default. This covers all aspects of consumerism and health and welfare.

To achieve this I have proposed a simpler taxation system  that would replace all existing taxes except a death tax used to redistribute excessive wealth, This new tax would be to raise revenue from the use of all natural resources based on the actual and potential damage their use causes the planet, from fossil fuels,  minerals,  water ,  and land .

This new tax collected as near to source as possible and raised at a level to replace all existing tax revenues, it is a tax on natural capital use rather than on human capital use. a fundamental shift to recognise that it is the planet's survival that most important and also as it is collected at source would also be less subject to fraud evasion and avoidance.  

As individuals will not be paying tax  directly unless they are a land or property owners, They will have a lot more disposable income , and it will then be their decision how and what to spend the money on, and if the want a big car then they will pay dearly for the privilege of being able to pollute the air and cause damage to the nature by large areas of concrete roads etc.

Welfare and Benefits , These I believe should be scrapped and a citizen's wage should be introduced  and it should be the citizens right to use this money as they wish , but primarily , it is to replace all welfare and health benefits ,and the NHS would become in effect a private company where citizens can obtain surgery and all existing services but through payments from their citizens wage, There would however be exceptions for the disabled and severely long term  incapacities that some require, but basically similar to the netherlands health provision,.
This would encourage preventative health options and should in the long term be a less cost option than what we have at present , with all individuals feeling they are in control.
The benefit system as we know it would cease as the citizen's wage would in effect be its replacement and also it would  also be a pension for everyone, There is an example of this in Canada which trialed such a system and proved it could work but was stopped before the real benefits could be gained. However it promises to be solid example of where we need to go in the future.

Finally , a death tax to help redistribute wealth rather than leaving it to the super rich to spend it on their own pet ideas, some of which are all good and do help others across the globe , but much is wasted on giving a "life of riley" to subsequent generations  and hoarding the money in staches  of investments which distort the real free market economies.

I firmly believe we have to maintain a Free Market within a capitalist system which promotes choice, and bettering oneself , but within a new tax regime which respects the planet's sustainability and reduces the difference between the rich and poor, enabling everyone to have a more equal chance to succeed and increase mankind's capital wealth on the planet.


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