Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Who is prepared to help the world's climate?

The Rich? The Poor, the Wealthy, The Worker, The Entrepreneur, The Banker. Me?

Just who is responsible for the damage that being done to the planet?

It's all of us equally in various ways, It's the way and how much we consume goods and services in our everyday activities, whether it's going to work and doing as the boss says or do I have any say in how its done, how it's bought in and remanufactured and resold. Do I have a say or am I to frightened to question anything?
The Banker's, do they question the ethical , moral and sustainability of their products, I doubt it very much ,they are more interested in what they can get out of it for themselves in higher bonuses, otherwise they will soon find himself being replaced.

The wealthy with large portfolios of cash or property, Are they really worried about the quality of life of those at the bottom of the investment chain, or the tenant renting a property at exorbitant prices that leave many living in cramped overcrowded accommodations and sucking money from the tenants life that they have little left to enjoy a fulfilled life.

Living on the bare necessities of life is not fun and puts most  people under stress which is  the No1  cause of ill health in the modern world.Why should we put up with this? Can we afford to have so many people ill with stress?

All this and a lot more is draining the so needed resources of hard earned cash away from where it is needed in new and replacement housing, but also from preventative health and welfare, education and vital modern infrastructure of safe cycle paths, roads  footpaths and public transport.

 Having traveled around europe  from east to west north to south , it appears the UK with its history of winner takes all is being severely left behind in having a society that will be at one with itself in the future, unless something very fundamental changes.

This change in the form of more reducing the vast difference between the very poor and the very rich has to be reduced  and the so called middle class  have also to be aware of their responsibility of not always trying to grab everything before the more needy in society, as we are seeing with the private rented sector  buying up all the surplus housing and inflating prices at the taxpayers expense and doing little in improving the quality of the housing stock.

Everyone in the chain of life and consumerism is guilty in causing the problem of climate change , and that is why we must really make a fundamental change in the way we approach the whole problem of the climate but also of the whole social way we all integrate with all the natural resource we employ and consume in our everyday life.

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