Sunday, 17 May 2015

Decarbonising Development, 3 steps to a zero carbon future, from the World Bank, a personal comment

I find your report most enlightening , as it is suggesting a methodology that is very useful when in need of a radical  change of circumstances has to occur. 

I have been suggesting for some time now that society has to relook at the way history has lead us to the present situation on the massive overuse of natural resources,  without much due regard to the consequence of all life forms on the planet. 

This opinion is now gaining consensus among the scientific and economic communities, but both are failing to join the two principles together as one problem. 

The need for the financial, both the monetary and fiscal aspects, to be linked directly with consequences of employing  natural resources without looking at the real long term consequences of such action upon the planet as a sustainable living organism maintaining all the various life forms upon and within it.

To this end I have been proposing the abolition of ALL existing taxes and replacing with a single Natural Resource Tax , based on the damage caused to the planets sustainability by the very use of those resources and the methods used in the processes of conversion to end consumable products.

This taxation then would be placing real emphasis on the individual to make real choices based on the actual or potential damage these resource will release by their use and consumption. This new awareness by everyone in the chain of Natural Resource use would hold everyone equally responsible and held to account for their actions and the market place would then determine what is acceptable or not according to price and amount of sales.
By collecting all revenue that governments require by this method , There also would be little room for avoidance, fraud and evasion  thus making this taxation a fairer and more equitable tax to all citizens. 

However that said, I do feel that we all want a compassionate and fair society which we all want to have an equal chance to succeed in. To achieve this we need to make more revolutionary changes to the structures that have been built up over the millenia. 

Firstly that a citizen's wage would be introduced to everyone for life without means testing,

Secondly the welfare and health benefits should be made so as to be paid for by those that use it, with few exceptions, of the severely disabled, and  down and outs who need temporary help to regain their role in society.

Thirdly all education and apprenticeships to all up to graduate level would be free.

Finally a death tax to prevent excessive wealth rolling over from generation to generation and maintaining the gap between rich and poor. 

Your three point plan would be of great benefit in implementing and engaging such a proposal, as it needs to be kickstarted from the top of the governmental institutions on a global scale. There is no state or government that has the vision or the will to implement such a plan, as self interest and greed by all within existing societies will not be given up quickly to make the fundamental changes to stop climate change and runaway global warming within the time span everyone is talking about, let alone the vast quantities of vanishing species on the planet which one day may include us. 

I call on you as individuals, the World Bank as enabler, and other global international institutions, to bring about a real radical change that will change the direction the living systems upon the planet  can work to promote the only sustainable way forward.

The right action is needed and quickly, waiting for the right technology to come along within the existing framework will fail, as greed determines that quick fix solutions will bring big profits with consequences that are unforeseen and unimaginable and probably not sustainable for the planet and all life.

We need Smart Growth where we use less but obtain a better outcome is using less resources, This needs a whole new mind set step change , and I feel it will not happen until there is a direct consequence of our lifestyles, ie , pay dear for products and services that cause damage to the planet on all things from housing, roads, fuel, food, leisure,health and education, we must learn to pay the right price and do it in a sustainable way.

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