Thursday, 22 January 2015

Davos 2015 super rich and superdivided

The Super Rich earn their wealth from exploiting the worlds resources . It is they who are the worst offenders for climate change as they lead by example and everyone else follows with trashy look alikes.gobbling up much more resources.

The Super Rich  have a tax system allocated just to themselves, They do not have PAYE or similar , they argue and fight for paying any tax within their tax  remit, not just from within their own local tax jurisdiction , but anyone that is open to bribes and easier rates than at home.
 All taxes should be paid where the products are sold, if we are to keep the present tax system. otherwise the tax system has to be reformed completely from top to bottom as suggested in previous blogs

The Super Rich should not be able to pass on wealth to the next generation , we stopped it once from the aristocracy and landed gentry, now we have to stop it again before it goes to far.  Philanthropy is not a replacement to paying taxes, it is in short a way of making one feel good and getting respectable with peers than about being greedy and abusing the global resources.Greed has to be seen as nasty why should anyone rich or poor be told to breathe the poison of car fumes or noise,or poison put into our rivers and aquifers?

The Super Rich are the answer and cause to Climate change, and global warming, You are also the answer to environmental ecocide, and relieving societal dysfunction.

The Super Rich,  The Super Rich, The Super Rich,  Please find and use your heart and soul , transform taxation, businesses, and society to a fairer a more equal one with high moral standing.
Do not share your wealth, do not take it in the first place, Think about instead of adding value, providing value,  and sharing all natural resources wisely. Do no buy up vast amounts of real estate, condemning the poor to the fringes of the cities and towns, They are your powerhouse of energy and manufacture and also consumption, Respect all life, from the humble earthworm to man  and woman.

The Super Rich, you are Super Rich only because society has allowed you to be so, but when it is grossly differentiated society will bite back , as we are witnessing with the Arab Spring and many terrorist movements at present. Societal unrest will be your undoing and it may be sooner than you think!

Banks , please wake up to QE, it does nothing other than make the Super Rich richer, allowing them to buy up vast tracts of land and resources. All Natural Resources are freely given to mankind by the planet itself, It is only mankind who has made them valuable by restricting  or making them available to be used and consumed . They are the bounty of all the planet , and we should all pay a real price for their use and consumption. It is these resources that are causing all the problems we have on the planet.

Governments, UN, World Bank, IMF, COP etc etc...  If we are to address the Rich/Poor divide , climate change, and ecosystem collapse , we have to address the basic fundamental connection between all these problems, The common denominator is all the natural resources of the earth , and how they are used or extracted, It is not just fossil fuels, that just happens to be the most critical at the present time , but land availability and use, water and air quality and availability.
We do have a lot of good will in the name of the UN and many other organisations building frameworks based on real natural values ethics and morals, the failure is to uphold and implement them. They fail in the main part due to their complexity, so loopholes are found, and the rot starts,

Mankind need to wake up to a new sense of responsibility and accountability  in the form of a reformation of all fiscal and monetary systems , placing  not just the sustainability,longevity and integrity of the use of all Natural Resources at the centre of all policies.

"Look after Nature and the world will look after itself".

Your Environmental or Carbon Footprint is the same size as your Spending power.

Responsibility and accountability goes with increasing power and wealth.


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