Sunday, 18 January 2015

Amazon , Google ,Starbucks, etc, directly kill off small independant Shops

The large corporations who are growing in number by the minute  , from Amazon through to Dyson and now through an ever increasing number of property investment companies are riding over all the rules, morals and ethics we have tried to engender in the west for so long .

Having economists who have just one thing on their mind , GREED, is at the heart of the way the new western economy works

This greed is manifesting itself in in ways of preventing the poorer in society which now includes much of the middle classes from being able to better themselves as the wealth is not being tricked down , it is being hoarded and used for the acquisition of land and property without any qualms about the effects it is having on the rest of society.

Control over property and land in particular is changing the whole of society from being one of relative equality in the 60's and 70's now to one of division between the vastly rich and the rest.

This divide corrupts everyone and also increases jealousy  which in turn creates a society that is fearful and one that could very easily turn violent  as we have see recently in london last year and paris last week  and the arab spring 2 years ago.

We are now seeing a police state being formed in France and Belgium  and the Uk with ever increasing arms being allowed on the streets by the Police and army. but also through new legislation restricting freedoms of movement , speech and communications.

The individual has today few places to have freedom , we pay our taxes before we get our pay, we do not understand the laws of the land , as they are so complicated  few understand them , including many MP's .  compare this to the wealthy who have none of this , they pay any taxes they so determine themselves, after they have the money, and the travel the world finds accommodation where there is the least fear of being caught out.

This is a sign of our civilization in steep decline, and its all happening while we sleep , and nobody is raising any serious objections to it.

It is the same as the global warming debate, it will only when such vast numbers of us are dead and gone, like lemmings over a cliff will one day the rich suddenly awake to see that they have nobody to do the work, and civilisation will collapse.

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