Sunday, 30 March 2014

England is missing out on home tourism

England is such a  green and pleasant land , so say the poets , and I believe it is also. But we are not interested in making it easy for anyone to enjoy it . From car parking to toilets , from  caf√©'s to accommodation , I firmly believe we have the potential to be the leading tourist nation on earth.

The main problem  I have encountered during my travels are many and here is a list of the main ones

  1. Few cycle paths  or  short-cuts , some footpaths across fields and beside roads should be made  for schoolchildren and also for cyclists in general 
  2. Footpaths should be more hard surfaced , most people walk 100m then turn round as its to muddy, its only the hardy few who make it to the end.
  3. Car parking is difficult in many places , and unless this is solved the tourist cannot spend time spending!
  4. Motor-homes and day vans need accommodating also in many places and be able to stay overnight , even with a small charge.
  5. General up keep and appearance , this could be put right with some cosmetic painting and general good housekeeping 
  6. More stops on motorways similar to France with more parking space and lay-bys which go off the road a bit  with pick-nick areas and toilets, and maintained.

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