Friday, 19 April 2013

Shale gas and the future

Shale gas is a fossil fuel , a little cleaner than oils and coal but still emits CO2 in large quantities when burnt.
CO2 reduction is what is required , and everyone must take their part in this,  subsides and grants for solar and wind do not necessarily reduce CO2 consumption  as the amount of energy to make run and decommission them nearly matches the total energy they produce in their lifetime , however this ratio is getting a lot better with technological advances, but with population growth advancing , we still need to reduce CO2 emissions.

WE all have to change our behaviour in the way we design,sell transport and sell our goods, and the consumer has to change their habits and change the goods and services they all use to more sustainable and long lasting scenario.

I believe as we all live in a society where we all have to interact and live together , we need to have fiscal and monetary systems that treat all equally and helps reduce our dependence on all natural resources , especially those that cause the most damage to the planet.

Sale gas can be a part of an interim measure , but must not be a long term source of energy until all the inherent problems with its extraction and use are resolved.

In the UK the government is bribing local communities to go for shale , as they have done in Canada for the tar sands in Alberta, this may help the development go ahead at a pace set by the multinationals but does little in furthering development in new technologies and in replacing the old housing stock with more efficient ones and also places of manufacture and transportation needs a good overhaul, to reduce the ongoing CO2 emissions.

We need a fiscal and monetary systems to come into line of generating  increased living standards whilst at the same time have reduced reliance on natural resources, I call this SMART RECESSION, or consistent negative growth.

we have the tools , we have the knowledge, we have the resources, but the will power is lacking from our leaders. Brave decisions have to be made and as has been highlighted this week that the IMF believes Europe and the UK is not doing enough to make any real change from the old status-quo.

Are we going to lead or be led? by whom? When?

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