Tuesday, 13 November 2012

EU Climate Commissioner and airline carbon emmisions

I fully endorse your role in enabling  climate action to reduce the effects of climate change, but I firmly believe that the EU and indeed most other international organisations and governments have a fundamentally flawed view of the real solution.

We all come from a historical point of view from the middle ages and all our laws and regulation and indeed the tax and fiscal rules under which we all accept have developed from those early beginnings, but the world is a very different place now, but we are restricted in our thinking, from all our previous knowledge and history, which is preventing mankind from making the real steps forward we need to make to help solve the greater threat to mankind of, climate change and the consequences of civil unrest that will follow.

I firmly believe that isolating airlines or the motor industry, or even agriculture into a different special cases' is both corrupting and seen only to benefit the few.
There has to be an indervidual and a global responsibility which is seen to be equal and fair to everyone without exception, and until this situation is reached mankind is leaving itself wide open to charges of corruption, fraud  etc.

There has to be a solution in which all citizens and bushinesses share in a relative simple tax system which incorporates all these issues and ideals.

The idea of a single Natural Resource Tax, replacing all existing taxes seems to tick an awful lot of the boxes.
I could be a tax collected at as near source as possible and levied at a rate determined by the potential and actual damage that those resource do to the planet, ecosystems and mankind, and collected at a rate determined by indervidual governments for their national spending needs.
This bypasses so many institution's and bureaucratic collection methods, which have shown themselves to be open to evasion and fraud so much recently, and which  is making the world a far more unfair place to live and work in.

Having this holistic and broad approach to taxation would be so much fairer to all, and would eliminate so many in the financial sector world ,that are there only to maintain a job for themselves at a greedy pay level for really doing a job that does not need to exist.

Simplicity is at the heart of any good democracy, so that openness  and fairness can thrive and the indervidual can be assured that his friends and neighbours are on an equal footing as themselves and it is his/her own performance that would determine their future.

Money should be circulated and as we now with successive bailouts in the EU . this money is not circulating , it is just piling up in ever increasing values of land and assets owned by the few.

Taxing of land and all "Free" natural resources should be dependant only on the damage being caused to the ecosystems, and at present there is little accountability for the damage caused.

Under this new regime , Airlines may come out quite well as there is low infrastructure in regards swallowing up large tracks of land as for roads and buildings. or conversion from natural woodlands to palm oil farms.
There has been no modelling of such system and I think it is about time we put some real effort into this field  of economics.
The direct linkage with economics and fiscal regulations has to be made , and indeed when ever we have an environmental conference there is little linkage with economics , or indeed vice-versa .

 I have seen a little of your work and I am very impressed by your vigour and tenacity in your role , but as I have stated above I believe we are all deceived by our past and  blinkered about our future and for the benefit of all, our children and future generations we must enact quickly to save the environment and ecosystems we have left, and indeed, expand it for the future.

Yours David Dunn


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