Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lord Heseltine publishes no-holds-barred report challenging government policy

Lord Heseltine publishes no-holds-barred report challenging government policy  today , and as most commentators endorse some, if not all his comments , he does grasp the nettle and challenges  the management of government departments and stating that they should be held far more accountable , and also implement changes faster to meet the real needs of business and public. 

The challenge ,however that he fails to tackle is the inherent  malaise of the status-quo in the fundamental business of government, in raising taxes to invest in infrastructure and to meet the needs of security, health and welfare, education .

This challenge is great , but with the present highly complex systems of collection and management of taxes and spending  which invites a very distorted and corrupt marketplace in all areas of government intervention , which are almost everywhere; we must make fundamental changes far greater than he proposes to simplify and reform the tax system but indeed the welfare and benefit system also to avoid waste of taxpayers money in administration management  fraud and evasion of the taxes that are due.

Indeed , this may mean opposition to EU and Global  treaties that have been negotiated in the past , to arrive at  huge reduction in the overheads that Britain has to bear , while still  abiding with moral and ethical values we all desire in society as a whole.

This lack of real decisiveness and inaction on the fundamental costs of governing has to be addressed promptly, and all this should work in harmony with the environmental issues of the day , including climate change and  direct damage to our biosphere we all live in.
This I am sure can only be achieved by direct linkage of the taxation system to the environmental damage caused by our consumption and use of all materials and resources.

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